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Apartment Complex Waste Valet

Property Managers!


If you're in the business of filling residential units with happy, paying tenants, then you've probably already heard of valet waste removal. Trash Dash is a company that focuses on providing a wonderful trash removal experience for your tenants.  


How it works:

1) Your tenant ties up their trash bag in the waste bin provided by either your property management or Trash Dash.

2) Your tenant takes the waste bin (with the trash inside) and places it just outside of their door between 5pm and 8pm every Monday-Friday of the year.

3) Trash Dash comes to remove all of the neatly tied trash bags from the tenants' waste bins and into the Trash Dash truck.

4) Trash Dash then unloads all of the waste from our truck into the on-site dumpster.


This is a very simple service that would benefits all tenants, especially those that don't have the time to take out the trash every day.

But you might be wondering... how much is this going to cost me? 

It's better than free!

This service not only costs your property nothing, it's actually an additional revenue stream. 

Consider the following example of a 250 unit property contracted for $14 per unit per month.

  • Property managers pay $3,500 (250 units x $14/unit) per month for Trash Dash service

  • Residents are required to pay $25 per month for the service (it’s in their lease!)

  • Property managers collect $5,000 per month from residents

  • Property managers make $2,600 per month off their residents’ trash!


A property manager with a 1,000 unit portfolio could earn $25,000 per month off their residents’ trash. This is over $300,000 annually. Since it came onto the scene in the last decade, valet trash has exploded in use as a result of the financial impact it can have for property managers.

So now you're pretty intrigued, right?! Let's connect today!

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